You Trade.

They Copy.

You Earn.

Launch your own copytrading business without any coding skills.

X ways to monetize...

Prop Firm

Helping other traders overcome their trading challenges.

Trading Influencer

Become a Trading Influcencer and monetize your audience

Private Trading Groups

Trade for your inner circle and manage members' trading accounts.

Manual Trading

If you trade manually, you can continue doing so while mirroring your trades for your customers.

Algo Trading

Offer your Copytrading services and let an algorithm do the work for you.

Your ways

Do you have an idea in mind? We can build it from scratch.

Your Trading, your audience

We manage both the backend and frontend of your copytrading platform, allowing you to focus solely on trading, promoting your service, and earning from it.

Custom UI/UX

Our team can create a tailor-made UI and UX that perfectly matches your needs and vision. Let us build a solution that enhances your brand and drives engagement.

Manual or Fully Automated

Whether you prefer to trade manually or use algorithms, we can build a custom copytrading app that meets your needs. With our solution, all of your trades will be mirrored seamlessly to your customers exchanges.

Landing Page

Optimizing your landing page is a key element in driving higher conversion rates. We'll design a page that perfectly conveys your services and unique selling points.

SEO Optimized

Maximize your Google ranking with high SEO and performance scores.


Whether you want to offer monthly, yearly, or one-time pricing plans, we've got you covered. Our platform is designed to support any type of paid plan, and our integration with PayPal and Stripe ensures that your customers can easily and securely make payments.


Unleash your app's potential through our established strategies, swiftly deployable within minutes. Let these strategies work for both you and your business, collaborating with us to foster continued growth.

There is more

Never leave your Exchange Terminal and track all order types. In case of emergency you can control all your follower accounts.

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Let's talk..

What's included in this service

  • Custom UI
  • Custom Features
  • Up to 5 Exchanges
  • PayPal and Stripe payments
  • Full Setup & Support (1 year)
  • Premium Support

Questions & Answers

If you have any other questions - please get in touch

We mean by Custom UI that we will collaborate to create a unique platform design tailored specifically to your needs.

Some users are not satisfied with the basic features and request custom add-ons or modifications, such as adding a new exchange or altering the app's functionality.

It's easy. If you are a manual trader, our app will monitor every trading event in your account and mirror it to all the accounts within your audience. If you are running an algo, it's the same thing

Yes, to run our products, you need cloud resources, and the expenses are up to you. Our main goal is to offer fixed plans and optimize your cloud costs as much as we can.

Any exchange is welcome. The default ones are: Binance, ByBit, OKX, Bitget, Kucoin, Tradovate and TradeStation

It depends on the package you choose. The Starter one doesn't require edits, while Custom and Full Stack require more work and consequently more time to develop everything based on your requirements.

Yes, you can check out a demo by clicking the 'Demo' button at the top of the page.